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Would you like a free Minecraft account upgrade?

*WORKING* Minecraft Codes GeneratorAre you looking for free Minecraft codes? You don’t need to look any further for free Minecraft codes! free Minecraft codes! Follow the advice here and your free Minecraft code is right around the corner!} There’s no question that the sandbox game, Minecraft, has become a favorite among gamers from the day it initially launched four years ago in 2007. The awesome part of Minecraft is that it is especially multifaceted that essentially anybody can live a little playing, regardless of their age.

All those out there are oblivious to Minecraft is, or heard your sons or daughters conversing about it, it’s very simple to explain. Sandbox games allow limitless freedom to model and build anything from a simple tree to a towering metropolis, where the only necessity is your resourcefulness for hours of limitless fun with a unique experience where you dominate the world.

Minecraft is totally user-friendly, and can be experienced in creative mode offline for free, or you can upgrade to a Premium Account that costs you a one-time membership fee of $26.95, and is played online with other Premium Account holders. Both free and paid accounts are compatible with your smart phone, computer, and gaming systems letting you play in your bed or out and about. There is a night and day difference between a offline and free and a optional upgrade, along with increased world size, first-rate graphics, tons of items, and excellent downloadable expansion packs that perk up your game.

Free Minecraft CodesThe upgraded perks are well worth the cost of the membership, but if you are a bona fide game player you are already trying to figure out where you can find a free Minecraft membership.

Thankfully some geniuses at free Minecraft online already took care of that and declared themselves a hero by devising a awesome generator at, that instantaneously computes original codes you can submit on the Minecraft site for a 100% free Minecraft account.

While this appears to be an easy concept, its not. It took approximately 60 employees a tidy sum of hours spent entirely on entering hundreds of used Minecraft codes one at a time into their system so their self-made coding can spot any repeating patterns in the codes so they could spawning their own codes that are 100% redeemable.

Many hardworking gamers at free Minecraft online developed the beginnings of carpal tunnel over their keyboards to bring you a first-rate completely free Minecraft code generator, so feel free to spread the fun and use the generator to grab a free premium code for a friend too, don’t forget you can use this generator as many times as you want so you can stock up on membership codes!

Legal and Easy Method of Earning Free Gift Cards Online

There are a number of exciting rewards available in the form of free gift cards like the Zynga, League of Legends, Roblox, Karma Koins, Ultimate Game Cards…

Click the banner to visit and get your free rewards today!If you have a desktop or a laptop with a broadband internet connection and can spare some time to sit in front of your computer for a couple of hours, there is an excellent way by which you can earn cool rewards including free game cards. All you have to do is point your browser to and complete some free offers by filling out simple forms to gain points which you can redeem for free gift cards!

Available offers at to earn reward points

After creating a user account with PointStackers, you can enter the surveys section available in their web and view the different offers provided by PointStackers advertisers. There are actually different types of offers available in These offers include:

  1. Free Offers
    You can complete the sign up forms like the Advertiser E-mail sign up form to complete the free offer and earn the earmarked points. The number of points is usually mentioned alongside the free offer link. While providing personal information, you need to ensure that you provide the correct E-mail and physical address information. The system has the capability to detect fraudulent addresses and Email Ids.
  2. Install Offers
    In this section, you get to earn reward points by downloading a copy of the software to your system and then completing the installation process. You need to just follow the instructions provided while downloading and installing the software to your system. After installing the software, if you feel that the software would not be beneficial, you can un-install the software. Your points would still be available with your account located in your ‘History’ tab. If you want to earn extra points, you can download the listed software from another PC or laptop.
  3. Mobile Offers
    By submitting pin numbers or downloading apps listed in the mobile offer section to your mobile phone, you get to accumulate points to your PointStackers account, these offers usually have the second to the highest points payouts available as well with only the trial offers giving out more points.
  4. Trial Offers
    By submitting valid credit card information in this section you can rack up TONS of points, the trial offers by far have the highest points payouts available.

Redeeming the Earned Points

As you participate in many advertiser offers through the PointStackers web site, you continue to accumulate reward points to your account. There are rewards available to be redeemed when the points reach a certain level. You can actually enter the rewards section of the PointStackers website to get details regarding the reward items available and the points required for reward redemption.

Exciting Rewards

There are a number of exciting rewards available in the form of free game cards like the Zygna game card worth $10, League of Legends game card, Roblux game cards and the ultimate game card. There are also gift cards such as iTunes gift card, Spotify gift card, Amazon gift cards and the Karma Coin gift cards available as reward items.

Additional ways of Earning points

In addition to earning rewards points by participating in offers, there are other ways to earn reward points. You can earn 25 points by recommending this site to one of your friends. The points would be credited once your friend creates an account with PointStackers. On top of this, you get to earn 200 points by just signing up with PointStackers. You can earn another 250 additional points by creating a video of yourself vouching for the genuine nature of these reward points. You can make use of free desktop recording software such as Hyper cam to record your recommendations.

How To Get Free Gaming Gift Cards The Easy Way

Precisely what are we talking about? Well, for instance, there are free gaming gift cards out there which is often exchanged for free Xbox Live, and many others…

Even in its earliest days, gaming was quite a costly hobby, and somewhat unfortunately, things haven’t improved in the past few years, even with the economical crisis. Goods fact, nearly most games cost all the or even more compared to they did a few years ago, there is additionally considerably more extra content that we need to cover nowadays. All in all, it appears gaming is definitely an experience to be only fully enjoyed through the wealthier ones in society. However, there are some nice thing about it: gaming gift cards. Or, that will put it plainly, cards which may be used to either purchase entire games at a discount, downloadable content, or simply even while some form of in-game or virtual marketplace currency.

Precisely what shall we be held rambling on about? Well, for instance, there are free gaming gift cards out there which is often exchanged for free Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, or perhaps for a a short while of free Warcraft playtime. However, the situation with one of these gaming cards would be the fact they cost money, thus defeating their intention for most people. What’s promising however is always that receiving a free game card online isn’t just possible, but it actually was made easier than ever with the aid of an internet site called

Score Free Gaming Gift Certificates with PointStackers

Just how precisely creates this change website function and allow you to get a free game card online (or multiple ones for example)? Well, it’s a given that step one is made up of creating an account with that website, something you simply automatically receive 200 points (more about the points system right below). The signup process can be as easy understandably so that it is that all you need to do is submit a standard form without ever having to divulge overly personal or sensitive information.

Once you’ve opted, it’s start earning your points. How will you make it happen? To answer that question, PointStackers has a bunch of offers from advertisers waiting to be tested, and you may earn point for simply filling in the forms to the telltale offers. One of the benefits is you don’t need to spend any money on them the forms are totally liberated to fill in, although you don’t get rewarded with money, you need to do earn points which may be exchanged for several rewards. In the event the reward you are going for is often a free game card online, then a corresponding code will probably be e-mailed to you after just one hour individuals redeeming it. If they should select a physical item, you’ll be asked to provide a shipped address as well as the item is going to be mailed to you personally within three trading days.

There is absolutely no limit to just how much of points you can accumulate on PointStackers, but it has to be mentioned that you have certain offers which could just be completed once per computer (fortunately, there are plenty of offers to submit that you simply probably won’t come upon quantity-related problems). Since you can guess, circumventing that parameter is quite easy by just making use of your friend’s computer, or maybe even one on the local library. Also, it must be said it is very important to make sure that the data you might be providing of you is indeed valid. This is because many of the advertisers have information verification systems set up, and if they uncover how the info you’ve provided is false, after that your actions aren’t gonna be changed into points you are able to redeem rewards with.

The methodology behind PointStackers is very basic and effective, although it should be declared that you shouldn’t expect so that you can redeem all of the cards you need over a couple of days. It must be seen as a continuing long-term project which will continuously yield results on a regular basis, providing you keep going with it needless to say. To offer an improved thought of why PointStackers will be worth investing your time into, here is a look at a number of the free gaming gift certificates that you could claim with all the points you gather.

The Free Gaming Gift Certificates you will get as a prize:

• League of Legends $10 cards, each one of which is converted into 1380 Riot Points, enabling you to unlock new champions, skins, boosts plus much more.
• Runescape $10 card that may be used towards your membership.
• The Zynga $10 free game card can be used to be able to buy premium pieces of any Zynga game, like FarmVille or CastleVille.
• The Ultimate Game Card ($10) is redeemable for more than a thousand different MMO and subscription-based games.
• A $10 Roblux game card, redeemable inside the MMOG which, incidentally, goes named Roblux.
• A 1-month Xbox Live Gold subscription card, worth $15.
• A $20 gift cards redeemable for anything on Steam.
• A $20 gift cards to use on PSN.
• A free 1600 Microsoft Points card, also valued at $20.
• 2000 Wii/DSi Points worth $20.
• A $27 Minecraft gift cards enabling you to play online alongside millions upon millions of other players around the world.
• A sixty-day pass to try out Wow cataclysm release and feel it for the fullest, valued at $30.
• Finally, you will find the 4000 Microsoft Points card for Xbox Live, being valued at $50.

The quantity of points you must earn prior to being allowed to redeem a card is determined by its equivalent in dollars, with every one adding 100 points to its value on PointStackers. As an example, in case you’d need to claim the League of Legends free game card online, it will set you back 1000 points if carried out by this website. Additionally, there are other, non-gaming related cards, including a $25 Amazon gift certificate, a $15 Facebook Credits gift cards, or even a $10 free Karma Koin card. You are invited to check out the website for yourself, and maybe even give this complete thing a try all things considered, it won’t cost you one particular cent, and you may only make use of having a method of gaining a potentially-limitless volume of free gaming gift certificates, whether by yourself or maybe your friends.

How To Get Free Gaming Cards

Find out how to get free gaming cards from a little known website. We guarantee that within 20 minutes you can earn your free game card EASILY! Try us out!

Free Game Cards Online
Proof of rewards given out from
Gaming consoles and PC games are not the only things that are keeping gamers busy these days. In fact, a massive amount of people go on the internet to play a wide variety of games. For good reason, as online games can offer a game play experience that is unmatched by any other type of game. Unfortunately, the expensive costs of gaming cards often limits the maximum amount of entertainment gamers can derive from an online game. The good news is that there are places on the internet that offer gaming cards for free. These gaming cards are given to the user typically as a reward or gift. At PointStackers there is a wide variety of reward gift cards you can easily earn.

Not only are free game cards available on PointStackers, but you can also find free NX cash, Karma Koins, PSN cards, Amazon gift cards, and much more on this website. Casual gamers, dedicated gamers, as well as normal users can benefit a good deal from this website. All you need to do to get started is create an account on this website. Upon completing the free registration you will join the numerous other users who are earning points on this website.

How do I get points?

Once you register for free on PointStackers you can start earning points by performing tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, and completing other simple tasks. Registered members of this website can also earn points by referring there friends, family, or others to PointStackers. You can get rewards once you receive enough points. Rewards include iTunes Gift Cards, Runescape Gift Cards, Spotify Gift Cards, Karma Koin Gift Cards, and much more.

How to Obtain Free iTunes Gift Cards

The iTunes gift card is a gift of entertainment. Recipients can redeem an iTunes Gift card for whatever they want on an Apple store. In other words, with this type of card you can get TV shows, applications, movies, books, games, and more for free in places like the iTunes store, iBookstore, App store, and Mac app Store. If you earn enough points on PointStackers you can receive a reward in the form of an iTunes Gift Card.

How to Earn a Free Runescape Gift Card

Runescape cards gives you more game-time in the highly popular online game called Runescape. There are a few different types of Runescape membership cards, but one month and three month subscription membership cards are the most popular. By earning points on you can earn free Runescape Gift Cards.

How to Get a Free Zynga Game Card

Zynga Game Cards can be used as in-game currency in well known games like FarmVille, City Ville, Castle Ville, and more. With a free Zynga Game Card you can purchase those game items you always wanted! Earning credit on PointStackers by completing various free advertising offers allows you to get a Zynga Game Card for free.

How to Get a Spotify Gift Card For Free

With a Spotify Gift Card, current Premium Spotify subscribers can access millions of songs and tracks with no advertisements, with off-line playback, mobile access, and more. Getting the Spotify Gift Card for free is easy if you use PointStackers.

How to Obtain A Free Stardoll Gift Card

One of these gift cards can give you six or 12 months of access to Stardoll, which is the biggest online community for young girls who love shopping, fashion, creativity, and making friends all around the world. If you have enough points on you can redeem them to purchase a reward such as the Stardoll Gift Card. An easy way to earn points on is to send referral links to all of your friends on social networking websites and applications such as MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, etc.

How to Earn A Free Ultimate Game Card

Ultimate Game Cards are highly popular. For good reason, as this type of card allows you to access numerous popular games on the internet. There are many retail stores that provide this type of game card. However, you can get them for free on PointStackers and with little effort. All you have to do is perform some simple tasks to earn enough points for you to purchase Ultimate Game Cards.

How to Obtain Karma Koins for Free

Karma Koins make it easy for users to digitize their money. Furthermore, each purchase you make gives a one percent donation to non-profit organizations. You can easily shop on online retailers with Karma Koins, even without the use of a credit card. You can conveniently swap the points you earn on PointStackers for free Karma Koins.

How to Get Free Roblox Robux Cards

On PointStackers you can earn points, which you can use to purchase a variety of gift cards like the Roblox Robux card. The Roblox Robux Card allows you buy virtual items for your character in Robloxia. You can buy potions, jet boots, shirts, pants, swords, and more.

How to Earn Free IMVU Credits

Thankfully, PointStackers allows users to easily earn IMVU credits. By completing various tasks, surveys, advertisement offers, and even games an user on PointStackers can earn points which he/she can change into IMVU credits. To use IMVU credits you have to be a registered user on IMVU.

How to Receive a Free Xbox Live Gold Card

An Xbox Live Gold membership card gives an Xbox user a multitude of benefits, including special discounts, online pay, and more. You can add credit to your Gold account to purchase avatar props, game add-ons, etc. The Xbox Live Gold 1mo Card is worth 1500 points, which is a little more costly than the typical gift card on PointStackers. However, you can still easily receive a Free Xbox Live Gold 1mo Card in around 20 minutes worth of performing various tasks such as filling out advertisement offers and doing surveys.

How to Get PSN Cards For Free

Not enough PSN cash? Fortunately, with point system, you will be able to easily earn credit that can be changed into PSN cash. With the PSN cash, you can buy the products you always wanted on PSN.

How to Acquire a Free 1600 MS Point Card

The 1600 MS Point Card is one of the many gift cards you can get at With this card you can download extra content for your games, Arcade Games, HD Tv shows, HD movies, and other content from Xbox Live Marketplace.

How to Get 2000 Wii/DSi Points Card For Free

Get the best from your DSi or Wii gaming console with the 2000 Wii/DSi Points card. With this card you can use the Wii Shop Channel to download additional features, items, and games. The best thing about this card is that it is offered for free on PointStackers. All you have to do to get this card is to earn some points on PointStackers. To earn points, you will need to first register an account on the website. Make sure to put real information when signing up. Putting false information can get you banned from the website.

How to Get a Free Amazon Gift Card

PointStackers offers Amazon Gift Cards to its users. You can use an Amazon Gift Card to purchase products on the highly popular online retailer called Amazon. If you are unsure of what gift to give to your friend or family member, you can always give a Amazon Gift Card. These cards make perfect gifts as they never expire and have no fees.

How to Acquire a Free Facebook Credits Card

Getting Facebook credits can be highly useful for you. Because with this virtual currency you can buy applications on the popular Facebook Platform. Fortunately, you can also convert the points you earn on PointStackers to Facebook credits.

How to Obtain a Minecraft Gift Card for Free

Minecraft is probably one of the most well known games out there. Almost every gamer has heard something about it. If you want to play this game, but cannot find it in any of your local stores, try using the Minecraft Gift Card. With this gift card you can easily get the game through an online retailer. Furthermore, you can get this gift card by earning points on PointStackers.

How to Get A Free WoW 60 Days Cards

With a WoW 60 Days card ($30) you can continue your adventures on WoW without having to use a credit card. Also, this card is an ideal gift to give to any player of World of Warcraft. You can get this card for free if you have points on PointStackers.

How to Obtain Free 4000 MS Points Cards

The 4000 MS points card is just like the 1600 MS Point Card, but you have more points in this type of card. With this gift card you can also download a wide variety of content from Xbox Live Marketplace. Earning points on PointStackers allows you to obtain a free 4000 MS Points Card.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get your hands on some free gaming cards then head over to PointStackers and sign up! You get a free $2 (200 points) bonus JUST FOR SIGNING UP!

Free Gaming Card Codes Fully Explained ★MUST READ★

I urge you to read this article fully as something new and great is in progress ★RIGHT NOW★ for people who need free gaming cards LEGALLY! Keep reading…

I urge you to read this article fully as something new and great is currently in a rapid growing progress for people who need free gift card codes without all the BS spam/scam trash out there on the internet today.


I’ve taken time out of my day to help you since you’ve taken time out of yours and came to disappointment unfortunately coming across the scum of the earth greed induced scam sites pretending to offer card codes for the completion of a survey only to leave you hanging in the dust disappointed and left with mistrust… so I’ve decided to be what I like to call an IMMACULATE SUPERHERO! I hope you’re appreciative of what I offer below and not lazy/unrealistic and chimp out on me or whatever the case may be. I really am a good guy you’ll find that out!

Free Gaming Card Code Generator Disappointment

The generator is the primary cause of the most disappointment, and here’s why: The codes do run out! I’m not a billionaire I’m sorry! There are people that have known about my generators for a long time (members of the Facebook Fanpages listed below) and they receive alerts in advance when I add new codes to it via a private membership mailing list. They get updated from time to time and for $1 you get a heads up on when exactly the generator is loaded with fresh codes. I’m not as rich as Bill Gates so the codes do run out as I can only put 20 or so $10-$20 card codes into the generator.

Here’s How To Do It Like A Pro

If you know how to use a mouse to point and click and a keyboard to fill in form fields like ‘Name’ ‘Address’ — you know all that jumbo on various advertisements on the PointStackers Free Rewards Site…and here’s a tip, use fake info so you don’t get phone and mail spam — but use real information (like maybe the real information of an enemy of yours…hell, that’s like an added bonus if you have any people you hate, get some revenge, destroy their mailbox and blow up their telephone with all the spam while you safely earn points on PointStackers for yourself to redeem for free gift card codes delivered right to your email inbox after you’ve redeemed the points. Basically if you do it smart, your enemies get all the spam, just use their real information, and you get the points stacked up for free rewards.

So yeah, if you aren’t a lazy, greasy, pile of worthless crap and indeed possess the finger strength to fill out a few advertisement offer forms for about 30 minutes of your life that’s an easy $10 gift card for you right there, that’s $20 an hour, a good rate at any REAL LIFE job if you think about it, and you have my word I’ll deliver it to you as instantly as possible as I’m ALWAYS in front of my computer.

Yet Another Solution, Not The Greatest Though

Wait for me to add more card codes to any of the generators located at below and pray to whatever god you worship that you’re quicker than the crowd of people that have known about those specific generators and how I operate them for longer than you have…seriously they snatch up the codes like starving chickens on a pile of corn.


I give out codes at random to the fastest redeemer as money permits me to on various Facebook Fanpages which are listed below and MORE are on way in the near future since this idea is a good one.

I figured since a few other fan pages I created which I post codes at random for the fastest redeemer are becoming so incredibly successful that I would scale up, check the happiness via comments on these fan pages, fans don’t lie you know! Here are the direct links to the ever-growing fan pages I post card codes to when money permits, I post them at random (when enough people that come from search engines complete advertisements to ‘unlock’ the generators):

I must be doing SOMETHING right to deserve those wonderful comments on my fanpages on the right pane? I’m just a 30year old father of 2 boys, felonies, no college, trying to invent new working methods for the less wealthy yet non-lazy people can get gift cards for free on the internet. Trying to support my humble family all at the same time. Please don’t hate me as I’m trying so hard unlike my competitors I’m actually giving back to the world too utilizing those Facebook Fanpages listed above this text with PROOF on the Fanpage posts!

Free Gaming Card Code Generator Sites (this is what allows me to buy card codes for you guys, when those pesky advertisements get filled out, it’s how I can fund the card codes for you)

Here’s just a handful of them that I’ve built so far since this idea is evolving rather nicely:

Win a free Playstation Network code!  Free PSN Codes
Win a free Wii points card code!  Free Wii Points
Win a free Minecraft gift card code!  Free Minecraft Codes
Win a free Roblox Robux card code!  Free Roblox Card
Win a free Xbox Live Gold code!  Free Xbox Live Gold
Win a free Microsoft Points card code!  Free Microsoft Points
Win a free iTunes card code!  Free iTunes Codes

Do the internet a favor to help snuff out the scam artists once and for all, and the rest of the world a favor really by clicking the share buttons below PointStackers for me it would mean the world to me and my small family! As well as whoever you share it with who has 30 minutes of free time on their hands to earn a free card code by email. You don’t gotta share it though…I still love you! It would just help me and other people out greatly if you did. =)

Scroll through the posts on those Fanpages if you have a few minutes of extra time on your hands, you wont be sorry you did and you’ll definitely find I’m legit, which understandably is a RARE thing in my field of work. You’ll find tons of scams out there I can guarantee that you just found one that isn’t.

Thousands of fans comments don’t lie! Greedy jerks lie and trust me they’re everywhere.

Don’t let it get you down though, because you just found an angel of mercy who can deliver. It’s the ideas which are being spoon-fed to me through a higher power, it’s He who lives in me and is working in me to provide the world with free gift card codes. It is my purpose in life.

How I Operate PointStackers

Well first of all, I profit from the completion of advertiser offers by users like you, I take 50% of this money to fund the website costs and 50% of it goes to your card code. Once you have enough points and redeem the card code you want, I simply double check the database to make sure you aren’t some lame scammer using script kiddie SQLi injections exploits or any other manners of scamming my website, if you’ve stacked the points up legitimately, then I dispatch the card code you’ve chosen to you within the same hour you’ve redeemed it to the email address associated with your account!

Sign up @ and get a free 200 points worth $2 USD -- Just for signing up!Hell, I even give you an incentive just for signing up on the site, a free $2 (200 points) headstart just for signing up on PointStackers, that’ll help you get toward your free gift card code more quickly. Once you redeem it, I get the email personally with your email and userID, I go to or wherever I have to depending on what country you’re from and buy the code that you’ve RESPECTFULLY EARNED. Then simply send the code to the email address associated with your account on PointStackers

I truly believe God rewards generosity and hard work by blessing the advocates for such things. Take my word for it, direct all your paths to him and never look back! He will lead you through the mud but you’ll become more awesome because of it! Hard times in life are just God stretching your abilities to handle situations. He truly does love you and it’s up to you to let him work within you!

So, here I am, just another product of 2 people that had sex, just like you are, trying to find my slice of happiness on our beloved dirt ball (earth) — in the process of scaling up these great ideas. Definitely leave some feedback before you leave here today in the comments section at the bottom of this page if you have any suggestions or ideas, or maybe you can join me if you have any programming/graphics skills and get paid to be a part of my team.

Anyways, I hope this extensive article hasn’t bored your to death and helps you along on your journey to achieving your goal of getting free gaming card codes delivered to your email for minimal effort involved. I wish you well in whatever is happening in your life at this very moment and times to come!

Best regards and God bless,
Larry Wall (

How Can I Get Free Game Card Codes?

Your best source for free game card codes! Visit our website now to learn how to earn free game card codes! Our method works for everyone in the world!

What Is PointStackers?

The PointStackers rewards website is an exceptional way to earn points that you can redeem for free gift cards convieniantly, fast, and easy for the hottest internet games like World of Warcraft membership for 60 days, monthly Runescape memberships, Zynga credits, Stardoll, Ultimate Game Cards, Roblox cards, IMVU credits, Facebook credits, and Minecraft memberships. If internet gaming isn’t for you. PointStackers also offers free codes redeemable for your favorite gaming consoles! PointStackers offers monthly Xbox Live Gold memberships, PSN card codes, Microsoft points to enhance your Xbox play, Wii codes, DSi codes, and even codes for the newly released Wii U. If free gaming cards aren’t for you at all, never fear, PointStackers offers free gift card codes you can redeem for free music, movies, books, apps, and merchandise with iTunes card codes, Spotify codes, Karma Koins, Hulu membership codes, and Amazon gift card codes.

How Does PointStackers Work?

PointStackers is easy, and it requires little effort and time on your behalf. To get started simply visit and create your new account by clicking Signup in the upper right corner, choose a username, and enter your email address you wish to register with. Check your inbox for a confirmation email from PointStackers, and click the enclosed link to verify your account. Return to the PointStackers site to login, and the hard part is finished, and PointStackers will automatically start your stack with 200 free points! Now you just continue to effortlessly earn and stack points that you can redeem for anything and everything PointStackers has to offer.

How Do I Earn Points?

PointStackers keeps it easy for you to earn points by choosing the best advertisers that we come across, and only allowing the easiest and the best offers we think will benefit you the most. You are free to stack points using any method you like, and these can be anything from requesting free samples that will be sent to your home, signing up for offers that are available, visiting websites, downloading apps, downloading fun games, and you can even earn points by watching 30 second promotional videos! We are constantly updating our offers to rotate out stale links, giving you fresh and relevent ways to earn points.

Can I Earn Free Points?

Yes you can, and we have a few paragraphs of ways that you can earn free points! We here at PointStackers know times are tough. Bills are high and money is low, so we will help cushion your stack of points wherever we can, and that extends into our Friend Referral Program. After you log in you will see a personal referral link. Use this link by emailing, messaging, or texting it to any of your friends, family, or co-workers that you think might be interested in free internet and console gaming cards, or free gift cards. When the people you send this personal link to submit it with their new account registration, PointStackers will automatically be notified and the system will credit your account with 25 free bonus points! There is no limit to how many friend referrals you can send out, and you will be credited 25 points for each friend that submits your personal referral link.

You can earn bonus points by redeeming your points for rewards too! Once you reach your target point amount and redeem your points for your free reward you can submit an original video to PointStackers through email of you receiving and redeeming your reward. Each time you submit an original video of you redeeming your reward, PointStackers will credit your account with 250 free bonus points! We invite you to do this for two reasons. First, we want to give you every opportunity to earn as many points as you can in the easiest ways possible. Second, we are a relatively new site, and our member base is growing daily. These videos will help prove to new members that we are a legitimate site, and not a group of scammers like so many other rewards sites you will come across. We value your time and effort, and we will reward your loyalty.

Occasionally we offer 500 bonus points for a limited time, and points are awarded at the administrators discretion. When we open up these contests we will ask you to create an original, relevant, and creative promotional user video for the PointStackers website. When these come up we will post a few specific details that we are looking for, and have fun with it! Exceptional videos may even receive up to 1000 free bonus points! For an example of these videos we invite you to watch the video on the PointStackers home page featuring “Hans” and his summary of PointStackers!

With that being said, we must also post a warning to cheaters. Pointstackers’ administrators review each point redemption for rewards, and they do not tolerate cheating. There are MANY ways we can tell if people are cheating simply by looking at the site logs, and we have caught evry single cheater up to today. If administrators flag your account for fake friend referrals or any other “1337 h4x0r skills” your account WILL be deleted and you will be permenantly banned from PointStackers as well as any of it’s affiliate sites.

How Do I Redeem My Points?

Redeeming your points is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply log into your PointStackers account and click the “Rewards” button located in the upper left side of the webpage. Scroll through the rewards that are available and click “Redeem” on whatever you choose. The amount of points for the reward will automatically be deducted from the available points you have stacked, and an email is automatically sent to PointStackers requesting your selected reward. If you have enough points, you can redeem another reward at any time. PointStackers does all the work from here on out until you receive your free code.

When Will I Get My Rewards?

If your reward is a gaming or gift card code the Pointstackers System will automatically process the request, and your code will be sent directly to the email address we have in our system within 1 hour of redemption. If you have chosen a physical item as a reward you will be prompted to enter the mailing address where you would like the item sent, and it will be shipped via UPS or FedEx within 2-3 days. Shipping costs are already included in the total amount of points for the items, but please keep in mind that the point total of physical reward items shipped over seas may reflect an increase based on current shipping costs to that location. PointStackers will email you the tracking number once the item has shipped.

What If I Stacked A Ton Of Points And I Don’t See Any Rewards I Like?

If you rack up thousands of points, the last thing we are going to do is jip you. PointStackers started out as a place to get free Xbox Live Gold memberships and free Microsoft Point codes. Anything above and beyond that was added at the request of Pointstackers’ members. We are a quickly growing site and we welcome any suggestions on hot new rewards! If you don’t see anything you like you can scroll to the bottom of the webpage, click on “Contact”, and write us a message requesting a new gaming card, shopping card, or item. We’ll be more than happy to review your request!