How Can I Get Free Game Card Codes?

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What Is PointStackers?

The PointStackers rewards website is an exceptional way to earn points that you can redeem for free gift cards convieniantly, fast, and easy for the hottest internet games like World of Warcraft membership for 60 days, monthly Runescape memberships, Zynga credits, Stardoll, Ultimate Game Cards, Roblox cards, IMVU credits, Facebook credits, and Minecraft memberships. If internet gaming isn’t for you. PointStackers also offers free codes redeemable for your favorite gaming consoles! PointStackers offers monthly Xbox Live Gold memberships, PSN card codes, Microsoft points to enhance your Xbox play, Wii codes, DSi codes, and even codes for the newly released Wii U. If free gaming cards aren’t for you at all, never fear, PointStackers offers free gift card codes you can redeem for free music, movies, books, apps, and merchandise with iTunes card codes, Spotify codes, Karma Koins, Hulu membership codes, and Amazon gift card codes.

How Does PointStackers Work?

PointStackers is easy, and it requires little effort and time on your behalf. To get started simply visit and create your new account by clicking Signup in the upper right corner, choose a username, and enter your email address you wish to register with. Check your inbox for a confirmation email from PointStackers, and click the enclosed link to verify your account. Return to the PointStackers site to login, and the hard part is finished, and PointStackers will automatically start your stack with 200 free points! Now you just continue to effortlessly earn and stack points that you can redeem for anything and everything PointStackers has to offer.

How Do I Earn Points?

PointStackers keeps it easy for you to earn points by choosing the best advertisers that we come across, and only allowing the easiest and the best offers we think will benefit you the most. You are free to stack points using any method you like, and these can be anything from requesting free samples that will be sent to your home, signing up for offers that are available, visiting websites, downloading apps, downloading fun games, and you can even earn points by watching 30 second promotional videos! We are constantly updating our offers to rotate out stale links, giving you fresh and relevent ways to earn points.

Can I Earn Free Points?

Yes you can, and we have a few paragraphs of ways that you can earn free points! We here at PointStackers know times are tough. Bills are high and money is low, so we will help cushion your stack of points wherever we can, and that extends into our Friend Referral Program. After you log in you will see a personal referral link. Use this link by emailing, messaging, or texting it to any of your friends, family, or co-workers that you think might be interested in free internet and console gaming cards, or free gift cards. When the people you send this personal link to submit it with their new account registration, PointStackers will automatically be notified and the system will credit your account with 25 free bonus points! There is no limit to how many friend referrals you can send out, and you will be credited 25 points for each friend that submits your personal referral link.

You can earn bonus points by redeeming your points for rewards too! Once you reach your target point amount and redeem your points for your free reward you can submit an original video to PointStackers through email of you receiving and redeeming your reward. Each time you submit an original video of you redeeming your reward, PointStackers will credit your account with 250 free bonus points! We invite you to do this for two reasons. First, we want to give you every opportunity to earn as many points as you can in the easiest ways possible. Second, we are a relatively new site, and our member base is growing daily. These videos will help prove to new members that we are a legitimate site, and not a group of scammers like so many other rewards sites you will come across. We value your time and effort, and we will reward your loyalty.

Occasionally we offer 500 bonus points for a limited time, and points are awarded at the administrators discretion. When we open up these contests we will ask you to create an original, relevant, and creative promotional user video for the PointStackers website. When these come up we will post a few specific details that we are looking for, and have fun with it! Exceptional videos may even receive up to 1000 free bonus points! For an example of these videos we invite you to watch the video on the PointStackers home page featuring “Hans” and his summary of PointStackers!

With that being said, we must also post a warning to cheaters. Pointstackers’ administrators review each point redemption for rewards, and they do not tolerate cheating. There are MANY ways we can tell if people are cheating simply by looking at the site logs, and we have caught evry single cheater up to today. If administrators flag your account for fake friend referrals or any other “1337 h4x0r skills” your account WILL be deleted and you will be permenantly banned from PointStackers as well as any of it’s affiliate sites.

How Do I Redeem My Points?

Redeeming your points is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply log into your PointStackers account and click the “Rewards” button located in the upper left side of the webpage. Scroll through the rewards that are available and click “Redeem” on whatever you choose. The amount of points for the reward will automatically be deducted from the available points you have stacked, and an email is automatically sent to PointStackers requesting your selected reward. If you have enough points, you can redeem another reward at any time. PointStackers does all the work from here on out until you receive your free code.

When Will I Get My Rewards?

If your reward is a gaming or gift card code the Pointstackers System will automatically process the request, and your code will be sent directly to the email address we have in our system within 1 hour of redemption. If you have chosen a physical item as a reward you will be prompted to enter the mailing address where you would like the item sent, and it will be shipped via UPS or FedEx within 2-3 days. Shipping costs are already included in the total amount of points for the items, but please keep in mind that the point total of physical reward items shipped over seas may reflect an increase based on current shipping costs to that location. PointStackers will email you the tracking number once the item has shipped.

What If I Stacked A Ton Of Points And I Don’t See Any Rewards I Like?

If you rack up thousands of points, the last thing we are going to do is jip you. PointStackers started out as a place to get free Xbox Live Gold memberships and free Microsoft Point codes. Anything above and beyond that was added at the request of Pointstackers’ members. We are a quickly growing site and we welcome any suggestions on hot new rewards! If you don’t see anything you like you can scroll to the bottom of the webpage, click on “Contact”, and write us a message requesting a new gaming card, shopping card, or item. We’ll be more than happy to review your request!