Legal and Easy Method of Earning Free Gift Cards Online

There are a number of exciting rewards available in the form of free gift cards like the Zynga, League of Legends, Roblox, Karma Koins, Ultimate Game Cards…

Click the banner to visit and get your free rewards today!If you have a desktop or a laptop with a broadband internet connection and can spare some time to sit in front of your computer for a couple of hours, there is an excellent way by which you can earn cool rewards including free game cards. All you have to do is point your browser to and complete some free offers by filling out simple forms to gain points which you can redeem for free gift cards!

Available offers at to earn reward points

After creating a user account with PointStackers, you can enter the surveys section available in their web and view the different offers provided by PointStackers advertisers. There are actually different types of offers available in These offers include:

  1. Free Offers
    You can complete the sign up forms like the Advertiser E-mail sign up form to complete the free offer and earn the earmarked points. The number of points is usually mentioned alongside the free offer link. While providing personal information, you need to ensure that you provide the correct E-mail and physical address information. The system has the capability to detect fraudulent addresses and Email Ids.
  2. Install Offers
    In this section, you get to earn reward points by downloading a copy of the software to your system and then completing the installation process. You need to just follow the instructions provided while downloading and installing the software to your system. After installing the software, if you feel that the software would not be beneficial, you can un-install the software. Your points would still be available with your account located in your ‘History’ tab. If you want to earn extra points, you can download the listed software from another PC or laptop.
  3. Mobile Offers
    By submitting pin numbers or downloading apps listed in the mobile offer section to your mobile phone, you get to accumulate points to your PointStackers account, these offers usually have the second to the highest points payouts available as well with only the trial offers giving out more points.
  4. Trial Offers
    By submitting valid credit card information in this section you can rack up TONS of points, the trial offers by far have the highest points payouts available.

Redeeming the Earned Points

As you participate in many advertiser offers through the PointStackers web site, you continue to accumulate reward points to your account. There are rewards available to be redeemed when the points reach a certain level. You can actually enter the rewards section of the PointStackers website to get details regarding the reward items available and the points required for reward redemption.

Exciting Rewards

There are a number of exciting rewards available in the form of free game cards like the Zygna game card worth $10, League of Legends game card, Roblux game cards and the ultimate game card. There are also gift cards such as iTunes gift card, Spotify gift card, Amazon gift cards and the Karma Coin gift cards available as reward items.

Additional ways of Earning points

In addition to earning rewards points by participating in offers, there are other ways to earn reward points. You can earn 25 points by recommending this site to one of your friends. The points would be credited once your friend creates an account with PointStackers. On top of this, you get to earn 200 points by just signing up with PointStackers. You can earn another 250 additional points by creating a video of yourself vouching for the genuine nature of these reward points. You can make use of free desktop recording software such as Hyper cam to record your recommendations.