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All those out there are oblivious to Minecraft is, or heard your sons or daughters conversing about it, it’s very simple to explain. Sandbox games allow limitless freedom to model and build anything from a simple tree to a towering metropolis, where the only necessity is your resourcefulness for hours of limitless fun with a unique experience where you dominate the world.

Minecraft is totally user-friendly, and can be experienced in creative mode offline for free, or you can upgrade to a Premium Account that costs you a one-time membership fee of $26.95, and is played online with other Premium Account holders. Both free and paid accounts are compatible with your smart phone, computer, and gaming systems letting you play in your bed or out and about. There is a night and day difference between a offline and free and a optional upgrade, along with increased world size, first-rate graphics, tons of items, and excellent downloadable expansion packs that perk up your game.

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